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Our Family Story

Pietro De Rosa

forestry agronomist. Dog trainer and educator, ENCI master breeder.

Official breeder of the Lagotto Romagnolo since 2022 with the name 'Camunorum' alias 'Lag8iseo'.

"When i was born my first word wasn't mom but woof! As a child I was fascinated by the dynamics of stray dogs in my mountain village and I dreamed of having a group of happy dogs all to myself. I remember that after elementary school I ran to my uncle Bruno's farm where he jealously raised and trained his puppies to search for truffles. He raised different breeds but with the lagotto it was love at first sight. The day came when uncle Bruno gave me one of his best dogs to continue his strong truffle bloodline.

After 10 years of experience with working dogs and attending various courses from classic, gentle training to anthropological cognitive training, I changed my way of approaching the dog world. I decided to become a breeder of the nicest breed in the world that would help families to give a life full of happiness, the Lagotto Romagnolo.

My breeding was born near Lake Iseo in northern Italy so I decide to give this denomination Lag8iseo but the FCI International Cynological Federation approves my second denomination Camunorum which wants to pay homage to the beauty of the UNESCO heritage of Valle Camonica where we live.

Feel welcome to become a part of our beautiful Family. We will receive you with open arms!"

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Meet the Family

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